Y!PP: Ynahteb

In memory of Ynahteb, first mate of the Perilous Puppets. 1983-2018

Me hearties, raise yer glasses
To the finest of lasses
Ever to sail on this ocean

In purple and gold
She broke every mold
And earned our heartfelt devotion

Her hammers could fix
A ship blasted to sticks
And glittered like the sun on the waves

With sass and a smile
And occasional guile
She managed our ships full of knaves

When searching fer plunder
Her fists hit like thunder
While we sailed the charted worlds’ ends

So while the winds blow
May her memory glow
In the hearts of her crew and her friends.

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Mistress o' Puppets and plunderer on the high seas. Currently quite entangled in the realm of spinning and knittery.
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