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Evenstar Shawl: Blocking with a Hula Hoop

So, the other handy knitting trick I got to use while finishing up the Evenstar shawl was blocking with a hula hoop. This is great for circular shawl projects, as it lets you easily block them in a more-or-less perfect … Continue reading

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Evenstar Shawl: Beading Made Easier

Just finished up with my summer shawl project. This one was the lovely Evenstar circular shawl from the Fellowship of the Ring Series by Susan Pandorf. I will admit that my inner geek was going “Eeee!” the entire time I … Continue reading

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Scrub, scrub, scrub. Also, TARDIS Scarf pattern.

Note to self: Back up site. Second note to self: Keep things up to date. Right-o. So I’m working to put everything back together here. The daunting project is going to be getting all the Puppet art into some sort … Continue reading

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