Practical Pillaging Poetry


1st- Mailliw
2nd -Chrkut
Honorable mentions to Softlydoesit, Nepenthe, Asaltydog, and Rocque

All the poems can be seen here. (google spreadsheet)


Contest Details:

Yo ho ho ho and ahoy there, maties! This here is th’ details o’ a poetry contest fer th’ Perilous Puppets (sailin’ th’ fine seas o’ the Emerald Ocean, if ye don’t know us.)

Knowing us, as you do, you know we are a crew that prides itself on th’ fine wordsmithin’ skills of our brave and brash souls. So I thought this month it would be a grand thing to turn those rhyming talents to a most practical purpose. Ye see, it’s all well an’ good to shout “Avast! We need us some more sailors!” on a pillage. But wouldn’t it be far better to relate th’ same need in rhymed verse?

O’ course ye agree! Yer a Puppet, after all!

So yer challenge, if ye choose to accept it, is to right a poem (or three) that can be used fer pillagin’ purposes. Some suggested topics are:

  • Orders (more sailors, carpenters, bilge, etc.)
  • “Take a station, mate!”
  • Teaming
  • How to make a combo in swordfight (or rumble)
  • What to expect/do during a viking expedition (or imperial outpost or buried treasure)
  • How stations work together (carp->damage, bilge->water, sails->moves. More damage means more bilge water, and more bilge water means less moves.)
  • “Please let us know if yer going to be idle fer a bit.”
  • Why we don’t divvy the booty until the end.
  • Anything similar that comes to mind.

Entries should be in a structured poetic form. (They don’t have to be traditional structures, but please no unrhymed free verse)

Try to match length to purpose. A request fer more sailors, for example, would probably be best as a rhymed couplet or haiku. An explanation fer teaming might to better as a sonnet.

Ye have until midnight pirate (or Pacific) time, February 21st to put together yer entry.

Entries can be sent to Tilinka through a Y!PP forum PM or Facebook message. (If neither of those work, you can also /tell them to me in-game) Please make sure you include yer pirate name with yer entry.

You may enter up to three poems.


  • A serpent class sloop renamed to “Poetical Sea Serpent.”
  • A head-to-toe Puppet Uniform
  • Honorable mentions: Fine pirating hats.
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