Y!PP December Doodles: Calendar

So.. this may be a bit on the crazy-involved side. See, when Apollo said “calendar”, I said “Aha! It should be a snap to make a printed one… kind of like that poetry chapbook I did 12 years ago. You don’t forget how to do things like that!”

I then downloaded the trial for Adobe InDesign (because), and quickly drew Ms. January:


Plenty of time to get everything together, right? Right!

Seven days pass. I think to myself, “These pictures don’t take that long. I’ll do six today, five tomorrow, and put everything all together well before the deadline.” I proceed to get Ms. February 80% done before I’m lured onto a pillage:


The next morning started with a lot of muttering along the lines of  “Why the heck did I not do more earlier? I bet one of those Sirens is really named ‘Procrastination’.”

Over about eight hours, I finish the rest of the months.

Mr. March:



Ms. April:April-Faeree

Ms. May:May-Galene

Mr. June:June-Apollo

Mr. July:July-Prometheus

Oh, huh, looks like I did July twice!:July-Cattrin

Ms. August:August-Pixelpixie

Mr. September:November-Musicologist

Mr. October:October-Forculus

Ms. November:September-Imp

Ms. December:December-Atropos

And because a calender needs a cover:


And then I put it all together with InDesign.. which worked suprisingly well right up until I tried to print it… and found out we were out of red ink. Red? Really? WHY!

So, rather than proper photos of the printed calender, you get this screenshot of June:


…and the printable PDF I cobbled together because I couldn’t figure out how to generate it properly from InDesign… with months and everything: Puppet Calendar

When you print this, make sure to do so double sided. You should be able to then fold it in half, staple, and voila! Calendar. Quality is still a bit iffy, I’m working on that while I re-learn InDesign. (Haven’t mucked around with that program since, in… um.. ten years?)

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