Y!PP Sketchy Avatar: Tinuku

Tinuku, Emerald

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About Tilinka

Mistress o' Puppets and plunderer on the high seas. Currently quite entangled in the realm of spinning and knittery.
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3 Responses to Y!PP Sketchy Avatar: Tinuku

  1. Kerma says:

    I was going to post this on the forums… But realized I couldn’t find any! Are they lost forever? I don’t know, but I apologize as i’m on mobile for reasons I will explain later, so this is the only way I can fathom of contactin you again. (also, pardon the spelling mistakes this may or may not hold)

    It’s been a while. Last time I remember this guild was when I was in it when the forums were on gamerdna… In 2007-2008. I was 12 then. It’s amazing how things change, as I am now nearing 17 and looking back on those posts of my time of ignorancy and grammatical error is almost heartwrenching. I quit a short while after the guild moved to this site, and rejoined for a very, very short time a year or so afterwards. I’m sure you don’t remember me, but I remember you and Ynahteb and the rest of “the gang” very fondly.

    I remember you all not for some crazy obsession or need for friends, but because of how you fine people almost parented me. When I was around that age, my spelling and love for literature had almost faded. I loved both growing up but it started to fade when I realized that the computer was far more interesting. When I first asked to join your guild it was merely to leech resources, but after a while of extremely friendly guild chat, you almost became my second parents. You taught me to respect others, be humble, and to use proper grammar and spelling. You indirectly taught me to enjoy life and to roll with the punches as I heard all of the hardships you were going through at the time. You taught me to live and to love.

    I’m frankly still amazed at how you continue to stick with art. I love your art style, it fills me up with joy. Have you ever considered drawing art for children’s novels? I feel like you could be a great storyteller. I also see that you continue to raid the puzzly seas. I hope that fares well for you too! I might rejoin myself as I want to relive my good old days and was hoping to join with you fine people as well, if the guild hasn’t disbanded.

    So here I am at 1 AM PST, writing to a site that almost feels like home. I would like to talk to you atleast once more, so I hope you recieve this message. Without you, I couldn’t owe my love of art, literature, and potery. I hope you continue drawing and enjoying life, and I wish you success.


    • Kerma says:

      Whoops! Forgot something:

      Sorry if you think i’m being forward here, but my skype profile is -snipped- if you have it and want to talk later. It’s the main way I communicate but I do understand if you don’t accept many friends on it or don’t have it at all.

      Me? I’m beat. I’m heading to bed. Have a great day, wherever your timezone is!

      • Tilinka Tilinka says:


        I am afraid the forums were taken down along with most of the rest of the site awhile back. I’m rebuilding – mostly with a focus on the art (as you can see).

        It is wonderful to hear from you again, and to see how you have grown. I look forward to catching you on Skype – just sent an invite to you. And if you want to sail the high seas, we usually have someone on.


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